What is Super-Frozen Fish?

What is Super-Freezing Technology?:

With the ultra-low temperature (-76˚F, -60˚C), fish can be frozen with less damage to its cell membranes. When you freeze fish that you are going to consume raw, it is highly recommended to Super-Freeze them so they will be remained in the best condition. 


What will happen when you freeze fish in the ordinary freezer?:

If you freeze fish with ordinary freezers, its cell membranes will be gradually damaged in the process of freezing. Also when you defrost it, its constituents will drip out with the water which comes out from the damaged cell membranes. As a result, the texture and flavor of the fish will be quite different from the original. 


Can I keep Super-Frozen fish in my freezer?

Super-Frozen fish can stay frozen in the ordinary freezer and you can still enjoy the high quality fish after keeping them in it. However, we strongly recommend to thaw and consume them within 3-7days, depending on your freezer's situation because home freezers could be much lower temperature than Super-Freezer, often opened/closed and there can be crowd of other frozen foods. 


How can I thaw the Super-Frozen fish?

There are several ways to thaw the frozen fish. Here are two ways that we recommend.

1. The easiest way

Leave the Super-Frozen fish in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours. Time varies depending on species of fish and its size.


2. The quickest way

Put the Super-Frozen fish in a watertight bag, such as Ziplock. (Remove as much air as possible.) Submerge it under running cold water. Wait for 15-30 minutes. Time varies depending on species of fish and its size.


How long can I keep thawed Super-Frozen Fish? 

To enjoy them in the best condition, we recommend you to consume the thawed Super-Frozen fish within 12 hours.


Any other question?

Please feel free to contact us for any other questions.