Product Detail (Karigane)

Product Detail : Shaded Yabukita Karigane 2022

2022 Harvest

This "farmer's tea" consists of the stems and coarse leaves and is made into its own type of tea after being separated from the pure sencha. This tea has been shaded for about fifteen days to increase umami and balance the astringency found in the stems. It is freshly baked before being shipped to us to further enhance its aroma and taste. Produced by a six-generation tea family that specializes in growing only shaded kabuse sencha.

The roasted version of this tea is Houjicha, for a nuttier, maltier taste!


Nara, Japan


100% Yabukita

Flavor Profile:

Slight baked nose, with a beautiful clear liquid and a green aftertaste that reminds us of the morning fog in Japan.


10 x 5g

Net weight: